Audit Alert – Long Descriptions Now Acceptable on the Medicare Proof of Delivery

AuditAlertsMedicare has updated the Program Integrity Manual (Chapter 4, Section 4.26.1) to clarify that long descriptors are valid for the proof of delivery form. Specifically, the manual now reads:

“Suppliers may deliver directly to the beneficiary or the designee. An example of proof of delivery to a beneficiary is having a signed delivery slip, and it is recommended that the delivery slip include: 1) The patient’s name; 2) The quantity delivered; 3) A detailed description of the item being delivered; 4) The brand name and 5) The serial number. The long description of the HCPCS code, for example, may be used as a means to provide a detailed description of the item being delivered; though suppliers are encouraged to include as much information as necessary to adequately describe the delivered item.”