Audit Alerts – Jurisdiction D (Noridian)

Noridian Jurisdiction D recently announced the results of service specific prepayment reviews. Please see the list below to determine if the services you provide to beneficiaries’ in Jurisdiction D could be at risk for an audit.

Codes that will remain on prepayment review due to recently published improper payment rates:
• Therapeutic Shoes (A5500)
• Oxygen (HCPCS E0439, E0434, E1390, E0431)
• Hospital Beds (HCPCS E0260)
• Ankle-Foot/Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthosis (HCPCS L1960, L1970, L4360, L4361)
• Spinal Orthoses (HCPCS L0648, L0650, L0631, L0637)
• Knee Orthoses (HCPCS L1832, L1833, L1843)
• Urological Supplies (HCPCS A4351, A4353, A4358)
• CPAP (E0601 – KH and KJ)
• External Infusion Pumps (J1817)
• Support Surfaces (Group I – E0181, E0185)
• TENS (E0730)

For complete details on these reviews, refer to the Noridian DME MAC Region D website here: