New Year, New Attitude: Creating a Culture of Compliance

Who doesn’t love a fresh beginning, a clean slate, a new opportunity? And with a New Year, you can have just that. If you’re company has been struggling with getting everyone on board when it comes to HIPAA compliance or it’s just time for a refresh, seize the opportunity of a new year and a new quarter to implement this initiative. Here are some tips to help kick off creating a better culture of compliance in the office.

It Starts from the Top Down

To fully get everyone on board and sticking to the protocol when it comes to compliance, it must be from the top down. Ever heard of lead by example? This applies here, too. If the physician, CEO or President aren’t abiding, the staff will take note and follow the leader. If the top is committed, then the rest of the staff will be too.

Be Clear About What Non-Compliance Could Mean

When presenting the initiative to the staff, stress the importance of the steps that everyone needs to take. There are many risks involved with not being compliant. If you’re a small entity, a breach can potentially wipe you out after paying the associated penalties and fines. This is an ‘all hands-on-deck’ effort and the groups need to all be on the same page when it comes to ensuring compliance is met.

Provide Open Lines of Communication

Remember, with new programs and requirements can come lots of questions and concerns. Allowing for open lines of communication gives the staff an opportunity to express what they are thinking in a comfortable manner.

Implement an Easy-to-Use System

One reason you could have resistance from employees could be due to the fact that it’s one more responsibility or system they have to learn. When deciding on a program to help manage compliance, find one that’s easy to use and simple to train employees on, like HIPAAwise. This program is simple and straightforward and allows for documentation to prove compliance if an audit was to occur.

We hope the New Year brings new opportunities for your organization when it comes to HIPAA compliance. To learn more about how HIPAAwise can help you reach your business goals, contact us today.